Fare Resources is a food management company that combines smart design, responsible food and empowered people to create food programs at companies and institutions.


We build and manage custom food programs built on a foundation of design, food and people. We emphasize experience, empowerment and community impact.

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Smart design answers a need with a simple yet unexpected response. We first intimately learn your culture, and then curate a lasting food program suited to your needs.

  • Vision & Strategy​: We collaborate with stakeholders to establish clear vision and strategy for your program that reflect the unique values and goals of your company.
  • Financial Planning & Modeling​: We work with your CFO and financial team to construct programs that fit your budget. We leverage transparent financial systems to shape program direction and meet financial goals.
  • Infrastructure Development​: We’ve produced a suite of tools that facilitate organizational and operational viability, fiscal responsibility and clear communication.
  • Kitchen Design | Build | Launch​: The physical element of any operation is paramount to a successful program. We have extensive experience constructing kitchens for expanding companies.

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Food is experience, and our programs foster a deep personal connection to what’s on your plate and your surrounding community. We offer a full suite of customizable meal services.

Food Experiences include:

  • Daily onsite meals
  • Pantries / micro-kitchens
  • Events and offsites
  • Health, wellness, and food systems
  • Education
  • Vendor management
  • Transparent billing
  • Systems design

Food Experiences are:

  • Sourced locally
  • Culturally diverse
  • Artisanal in technique and craft
  • Farm-based and small-scale
  • Direct purchased
  • Regionally focused and inspired
  • Waste conscious

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The Fare Resources approach is to collaborate and “co-operate”. We encourage a culture of inclusivity and education by staffing food and hospitality professionals who love what they do.

  • Ambassadors of Hospitality​: Our staff are trained to understand that hospitality includes both education and leadership. We ensure that every person – whether they are a dishwasher or an executive chef – knows that good food and great  people are at the forefront of your program.
  • Empowered Leaders​: We believe that each of us has a role to play in a responsible food system. To foster and support this, our managers focus on the potential in every individual employee.
  • Big Picture Thinkers​: We are a collective of passionate culinary professionals motivated by a large-scale, holistic vision of the food system and the community that powers it.   
  • Culture​: We build an inclusive and team-oriented environment so that our people feel like they are your people too.
  • Benefits​ : Our staff receive generous health benefits, get paid competitive salaries, and receive the same educational and training opportunities as our clients.
  • Strategic Partnerships​: Our people can’t do it all, so we partner with organizations to bring unique experiences to your office.

Our Strategic Partners

Grow Your Lunch |   La Cocina   |   Pie Ranch   |   Rancho Llano Seco   | The Cleaver Group   | TuneUp


Our values sound a lot like our services.
Shouldn’t it always be that way?

Our programs are food-focused microcosms: each one its own ecosystem made up of the food, its sources, the people that provide and serve it and the people that enjoy it. We work, at every step of the supply chain, to contribute to a robust regional system – we call this verticalized approach “food community building.” At the core of this system are these three goals:

  • Create Food Experiences. ​Provide opportunities for engagement, education, health and conviviality. Ensure these four elements in every aspect of our work.
  • Empower People​. Recruit, manage, and cultivate a new generation of culinary leaders with a holistic vision of the food economy. Inspire passion and facilitate leadership potential. Promise living wage pay, exemplary labor conditions, happiness and purpose for people in all roles. Learn while teaching and listen well. Make honesty and open communication easy and requisite.
  • Strengthen Community.​ Bolster food and farming businesses by teaching valuable operational skills. Support suppliers to encourage stable and viable regional food systems. Build both capacity and community by touching every step of the supply chain.


Our clients are eating well.

We leapt at the opportunity to create a self-operating food program for Airbnb that mirrored their company values of hosting and belonging. We joined when the kitchen team was just three people and over three years built it into a global team of 35 employees. We designed, constructed, and managed commercial and teaching kitchens for Airbnb in San Francisco, Oregon and Ireland; each of these locations feeds thousands of people per day. As Global Head of Food, we integrated our values-driven program pillars into the working infrastructure of each kitchen.

Etsy believes that its employee food should be provided by its neighborhood food makers. Illuminating the craft and skill of the DIY “maker” Etsy itself celebrates in its online marketplace, they rely on small food producers, caterers and restaurants to inspire their staff with two meals weekly, a robust snack program and other food-centric amenities. Fare Resources has stepped in to help scale the program as they move into new headquarters in 2016. Our program will keep the localized approach at its core while evolving the food operations. We are partnering with local farm sources, identifying kitchen talent and improving the physical infrastructure and operational systems to manage the transition.

Adobe Logo
Looking to maintain its competitive talent edge, Adobe was seeking to radically alter the physical and cultural environments of its San Jose Headquarters and San Francisco offices. In collaboration with their food service provider, Bon Appétit Management Co., we facilitated an extensive research, concept and brand development project across multiple teams within the company. We reconceptualized Adobe’s global food program by creating more educational opportunities for their employees and developing new operational strategies for their four Bay Area kitchens which feed more than 3500 people daily.


Our people are rad.
They are our greatest asset, and yours too.

The Fare Resources team represents a broad range of talents, including culinary operations, staff management, financial strategy, commercial kitchen design, infrastructure development, marketing and communications, and food business model building. But more importantly, we are adaptive and active as cooks, managers, dishwashers, builders, designers, farmers, backyard ranchers, teachers, problem solvers, entrepreneurs, and leaders. We keep our skin in the game.

Gabriel Cole


Gabriel has been a chef, entrepreneur and design/build specialist his entire professional career. He has founded eight food businesses and has a deep interest in architecture, agriculture, conservation, infrastructure development and human relations. Before founding Fare Resources in 2009, he worked at Google under the Bon Appétit Management Company, La Cocina, and for Slow Food Nation. From 2012-2015 he held the role of Global Food Program Director at Airbnb. In February of 2015 he rejoined Fare Resources as CEO to lead growth and strategy.

Olivia Tincani

Director of Food Community

Olivia founded Farm 255 in Athens, Georgia, one of the only fully verticalized farm-and-table restaurants in the country, developed in tandem with its own vegetable farm, livestock cooperative and meat processing enterprise. She opened Farm Burger, a group of whole animal, grassfed burger joints in the Southeast and on the West Coast. Prior to her work in food and agriculture, Olivia was an Associate Producer for Cabengo, a communications strategy and creative studio. She creates program vision, values pillars, communications strategies, community relationships, supply chains, food system models and educational programs for our clients.

Anjali Oberoi


Anjali is a finance and operations executive with extensive experience working with growing food companies. Anjali is Founder and Principal at Bernoulli Finance, a financial consultancy providing operations, analytics and strategy services to ecologically minded ventures. Anjali was previously the CFO at Belcampo, a verticalized food production and farming company with global operations. Her prior experience spans from management consulting for multinationals to financial and business planning for seed stage ventures. As CFO, Anjali supports or acts as a client’s finance team.

Gavin Crynes


Gavin has a background in food operations and programming. He was the Operations Manager for the San Francisco non-profit Seedling Projects, specializing in food event production and good food awareness via their Good Food Awards programming. He has acted as Operations Manager for Green Heart Foods and Casey’s Pizza. He helps clients build applicable tools and systems to develop robust infrastructure in their food service programs. He leads operations, program development, vendor management, research and relationships for Fare Resources.

Kate Barney

Operations Director, Northeast

Kate began her career in values-driven institutional food as the founder of her alma mater Kenyon College’s farm to cafeteria program Food for ThoughtShe also worked at Atlanta’s Holeman and Finch Public House, the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market and was co-founder of Wholesome Wave Georgia. She later served as Service Director and Assistant Sommelier at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in New York’s Hudson Valley. She co-founded Masienda, a company that imports landrace maize from Mexico and purveys to chefs in the US. Kate has received awards from Les Dames D’Escoffier, The James Beard Foundation, The American Institute of Wine and Food, and Eater. She heads up our East Coast activities and is our resident hospitality expert. 

Oliver McGinnis

Technical Director

Oliver has a diverse background in food, finance and technology. He spent his early years cutting his teeth as a line cook at a number of restaurants including Vermont’s The Inn at Shelburne FarmsHe then switched gears and  began a career in interactive design and development services. He holds bachelor degrees in Finance from the University of Vermont and Multimedia and Graphic Design from Champlain College. As Technical Director, Oliver leads all technology-focused efforts both internally and for our clients.


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Fare Resources is redefining standards for pay, benefits, professional development, design, sourcing and fun within our industry. We believe in equitable and inclusive work environments.

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