Fare Resources designs, manages, and operates responsible, values-driven food programs for companies, schools, and a variety of other institutions.


Our goal is to shift the institutional food model to do good for the world.

What We Do

Our food programs aim to shift the institutional food model through sourcing ingredients responsibly, cooking delicious food and employing people who care.

We work with you to build a unique food program that reflects your culture and supports your people in being happy, healthy and productive.


Fare Resources is your one dedicated food partner who manages all aspects of your food program including meals, snacks, drinks, catering and events. We provide:

  • True partnership – We collaborate with you to deliver a custom food program that meets and scales with your organization’s goals.
  • Responsible food – We source primarily from local organic farms and prepare delicious, nutritious and diverse meals from our kitchen or yours.
  • Empowered people – We employ and train a dedicated team that will get to know your people and culture empowering them to make decisions that support your food program goals with confidence.
  • Transparent billing – We provide clear reporting, transparent billing and track costs across your entire food program.


Fare Resources works directly with your key stakeholders to design a food program that best fits your organizational needs and goals. We deliver:

  • Program design – We collaborate with you to define your food program’s vision and values and deliver detailed food offerings, a comprehensive budget, a growth plan and any other necessary collateral needed to gain executive buy-in for a new or expanded food program.
  • Physical design – We help you navigate the commercial kitchen design/build process, including but not limited to generating equipment lists and specifications and facilitating the conceptual design, schematic design and permit process.
  • Program guidance – We work directly with your facilities and culinary team to develop systems to better run and scale your food program.

Our Clients

Airbnb envisioned a food program that mirrored its company values of hosting and belonging. Fare grew a kitchen team of three people into a global culinary team of 40 employees in three years. We designed, constructed and managed commercial and teaching kitchens for Airbnb in San Francisco, Oregon and Ireland, each feeding thousands of people per day.

Adobe Logo
Adobe sought to radically alter the physical and cultural environments of its San Jose and San Francisco offices. Fare led an extensive research, concept and brand development project with multiple teams. The result created more educational opportunities for employees and new operational strategies for Adobe’s Bay Area kitchens which serve 3500+ people everyday.

Veeva Systems logo

Veeva’s food program was built from the ground up after moving to a new headquarters in Pleasanton in 2015. Fare designed the kitchen and dining room, developed all operational systems and hired and trained a culinary team. Because of these efforts, food became the cornerstone of culture at Veeva’s headquarters and fostered community amongst its employees.

Launched in the fall 2016, the program at this private high school in San Francisco aimed to bolster culture and deepen connections among students, faculty and community partners. In tandem with school leadership, we designed efficient and inviting environments to become campus community hubs.

About Us

For the past decade Fare Resources has worked to strengthen local food communities. As consultants, we crafted food programs and supported entrepreneurs by facilitating the vision, strategy and launch of food businesses. Our background as consultants arms us with a fresh approach to defining a new kind of food management. Based in San Francisco, Fare Resources provides simple, thoughtfully sourced, delicious and local food while fostering community at the table and beyond. We think holistically–beyond the plate–about how food fits within your culture. Values, both yours and ours, drive every aspect of our programs.

EAT REAL Certified

Fare Resources is proud to be Platinum Certified!

It is important to us at Fare Resources to support farms that are transparent and treat animals right and we are working with our suppliers to do just that. By 2021, Fare Resources will procure 100% of all our animal products from laying hens, broiler chickens, turkeys, pigs, beef and dairy cattle from ranches and farms that achieve an animal welfare certification recognized by REAL Certified and ASPCA®  Shop With Your Heart. The welfare of broiler chickens, in particular is a growing concern, and we are eager to participate in making a better system possible for birds.

As such, by 2021, 100% of our chicken will be sourced from farms with standards that meet or better Global Animal Partnership’s (GAP) standards for broiler breeds and rearing conditions (including lighting, litter, enrichment and stocking density.) We will also make sure that our birds are processed in a system that utilizes a pre-shackle multi-step controlled-atmosphere processing system that’s widely hailed as more humane. The requirements above are important for addressing animal welfare and compliance will be demonstrated via third party auditing.

What drives us

  • Sourcing thoughtfully. Cooking from scratch. Crafting for the big picture.
  • Open kitchens. Open books.
  • Nurturing Fare’s people so they can nourish you.
  • Planting seeds.
  • Celebrating dishwashing.
  • Partnership, in all things food.

Our Team

Gabriel Cole

Co-Founder & CEO

Gabriel leads vision, strategy and growth for Fare Resources.

Previously he worked for Bon Appétit Management Company at Google, La Cocina, Slow Food Nation and as Global Food Program Director at Airbnb. He once raised a flock of ducks in his backyard and has been a Golden State Warriors fan for over 25 years.

Gavin Crynes

Co-Founder & COO

Gavin leads operations, program development and vendor management for Fare Resources.

Previously he acted as Operations Manager for the Good Food Awards. He also served as Operations Manager for Green Heart Foods and Casey’s Pizza. He once owned an ice cream company for a single day and founded an a capella group for untrained singers — Awkapella — during his college tenure.

Oliver McGinnis

Chief utility knife

Oliver leads all technology-focused efforts for Fare Resources—both internally and for our clients.

He received his early culinary education as a line cook and server at numerous Vermont-based restaurants, most notably The Inn at Shelburne Farms. His spirit animal is the turtle and he is an aspiring amateur motorcycle mechanic.

Bronwen Sterling

design LEAD

Bronwen leads our Design arm. She was a founding team member and Company Director of Belcampo, a vertically integrated meat, retail and restaurant company currently operating seven locations in California, literally from farm to table. She executed on many key aspects of the company from business modeling and budgeting to menu development and staff-training.

Donnie Thompson

Catering & FOH Manager

Donnie leads the front of house team while supporting our catering arm. Prior to joining Fare Resources he launched and scaled the culinary program at Asana in San Francisco. Most recently he opened a restaurant and bar in Southwest Colorado but was said to be skiing and hiking most days. He is classically trained in the culinary arts from the Art Institute of San Diego. If he isn’t working with food you’ll most likely find him backpacking in Yosemite Valley.


Fare Resources is rethinking new standards for pay, benefits, professional development, design, sourcing and fun within our industry. Every full-time employees receives health insurance, commuter spending accounts, delicious food and drink and a culture that cares.

Current Openings

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